4 New Articulate Storyline Games You Have to See

By on February 18, 2014

That’s right, new Articulate Storyline games. Need I say more? The eLearning Template Library just keeps getting better every week! Just reading the names of these new games get me excited: Big Business, Mountain Summit, Race for the Treasure, and Casino Challenge. These games look fun, but they are even more fun to play! Click on the images below to demo the new Articulate Storyline games.

That’s not all! We also have two new Articulate Storyline Character Packs, two Articulate Presenter Player Skins, and Warning Graphic Icons. Imagine all these game templates and much more could be yours with an eLearning Template Library subscription. Click here to find out more.

New Articulate Storyline Games!

Big Business Articulate Storyline Games Race For The Treasure Casino

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Games.

New Articulate Storyline Character Packs!

 Mark_Casual Kylie_Medical

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Character Packs.

New Articulate Presenter Player Skins!

Edgy 2 Gizmo 2

Check out our library of Articulate Presenter Player Skins.

New Stock Graphic Icons!

Warning Icons

Check out our library of Stock Graphic Icons.

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