eLearning Course Starter Templates

Course starter templates are just that, a template to help you get started on your course design. We’ve combined multiple templates, from our library, and created this awesome starter for you.

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Articulate Storyline Course Starter Templates

These templates are built in Articulate Storyline.

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Adobe Captivate Responsive Course Starter Templates

These templates are built in Adobe Captivate.

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Lectora Course Starter Templates

These templates are built in Lectora.

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PowerPoint Course Starter Templates

These templates are built in PowerPoint.

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Source Files

You get the source files! Templates are a great starting point for development, saving you lots of time. Just open the templates in your authoring tool and start building. Since we share the source files, see how we built each template and customize as needed.

Easy to Brand

Want to change the colors and style of the templates? No problem! Not only is it easy to change the colors, but the Template Library includes many backgrounds, images, and other assets that you can mix and match for each template.

Options and Settings

Options and settings are built into each game template such as, randomization, question types, number of questions, and many others.

Templates For Everyone

What tool do you use?

We have templates that work with all of the major eLearning authoring tools. In many cases we’ve built the templates directly with the authoring tool.
For example, we have games built in Articulate Storyline, themes built in Adobe Captivate, Lectora player skins, Adobe Edge interactions, and much more.

Visually Explosive

Pow! Zing! Boom! Our templates have stellar visual designs that help you look like a rock star developer.


Awesome Support

Never fear. We are here! Chat, email, videos, tutorials… we’ve got you covered. As a valued customer, you get unlimited access to our huge collection of tutorials to assist you in customizing all the templates.


Easy to Use

Easily add your own text, images and audio to the templates. If you’re adventurous and have a programming background, you can customize the templates much, much more as we give you the source files.

How It Works

Members get access to all of the templates we have now and all the templates we’ll add in the future (new templates added weekly).
1. Browse the library
2. Download templates
3. Create awesome content
4. Become a eLearning rockstar! (optional)