PowerPoint Classroom Game Templates

These PowerPoint games are for CLASSROOM trainers. Don't use cheesy classroom games...use professional, great-looking PowerPoint games. These games are perfect to get the training participants involved and excited.

  • Professional graphics
  • Track your score
  • Timer on each question slide
  • Platform: PC only
  • Software: PowerPoint 03, 07, and 10

We have included over 80 different backgrounds and over 20 different button styles that you mix and match for each template. The backgrounds and button colors can also easily be changed to match your branding requirements. View the themes

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How do I get started using the games?
Check out our video tutorials.

What version of PowerPoint are supported?
PPT 2003 and newer.

Do these files use macros? Are they safe?
Yes and yes. You must click "yes" to enable macros if you want to use these PowerPoint games.

Do these work on Mac?
No. Mac doesn't support macros.

How can I protect the information that I input into the game? I don't want people to be able to edit the game when I finish creating it. 
Save the file as .ppsm. (Macro enabled slideshow) Then the file user can just launch the slideshow and use the game. (Make sure they click yes to enable the macro content. Beware that there may be two check-boxes that appear on the warning message. Scroll to the bottom of the message.)

What types of PowerPoint files can I save my game as?
You can save as .ppt or .pptm. You will be able to edit those 2 types and the macros will work. Do NOT save as .pptx. That will break the macros.





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