I LOVE this service and just purchased an additional license... I'm very happy with the product offerings. It's really going to save me a lot of development time.

Lori R.
eLearning Developer

You guys are awesome!!!!
Thank you!!!!

Natalie B.
Multimedia Designer

You guys are awesome!!!!
Thank you!!!!

Natalie B.
Multimedia Designer

Thank you SO much. I’m kind of on my own here. That quick tutorial was PERFECT.

Lori T.
Instructional Designer

Could not have done it without your resources, I do appreciate it. Happy to give a recommendation any day.

Jorge A

The people cut outs have been a great hit in our team.
They are all trying to pick those who look familiar with our team members!!! Well done on your product!

Ali Z
eLearning Developer

Out of all the prizes offered at DevLearn, yours was the one that I wanted to win the most. Even more than an ipad!

Becky H
E-learning Instructional Design Specialist

I wanted to thank you personally for helping me out when I ran into trouble downloading a file from your site a few weeks ago. It's really helped improve our design in our program.. I'm looking forward to purchasing more from the eLearning Brothers.

Jeff M
eLearning Consultant

"I'd just like to thank you for you diligence, expertise and excellent support - I wish more service providers were as engaged."

Graduate Student

That’s seriously good service...Nice one! It gave me the confidence to make the purchase. Thanks a million!

Adriano T.
Global Head of Training

"Thanks a million. These are excellent! I'll try to be back real soon."


"I want to congratulate you on a wonderful suite of products ... very nice indeed!

Templates are very clean and draw the eye to content right away instead of distracting with non-content related visuals."

Meg Y.
Online Designer

"Pardon me while I stare googley-eyed at them in longing."

Abby K.
eLearning Specialist

"Talk about excellent customer service! What an unexpected surprise! I very much appreciate your help with this and look forward to using future tools and templates from you guys!"

Adrienne B.

"Again, I want to thank you for your patience, your superior responsiveness and your generous offer to help due to MY misunderstanding! You guys continue to amaze and delight!"

Linda L.

"I purchased a 4 game bundle from you a couple of years ago. It included the boardgame, jeopardy, pyramid, and millionaire. By the way, the results have been
marvelous! Everyone loves the games."

Nicole Y.
eLearning Developer

"Thank you for your response and attentiveness. Your company is to be praised for the excellent customer service that you provide and follow through to ensure that the product produced is beneficial for customers."

Tifini Q.

"Great customer service."

Mark E.
Training Supervisor Instructional Design

"I got it to work! Thank you for all your assistance!!! I definitely don't think I would've finished my project without your assistance. Great customer service and you have definitely earned my recommendation to other colleagues. My supervisor and I are definitely interested in buying a few other games in the near future."

Kenneth S
eLearning Developer

"Thank you. Those Flash starter templates are the best I've ever worked with. Awesome!"

Daniel D.
Sr. Instructional Designer

"Your template is swimmingly easy! The tutorials were very helpful."

Rich V.

"I just built the Gameboard one for a course we offer, it is fantastic! These are so easy to work with and I am a Flash beginner. We will definitely be integrating these into our Articulate courses."

Laurel S.
Vice President, eLearning Consulting

"I'm really impressed by the professional build up of your templates, so that even an non programmer like me can make the changes in an easy way. Your templates are really excellent add-ons to the Articulate software I am using."

Peter M.

"We ordered the template package that came with some games. I have already used several of the games/interactions and a few of the backgrounds with great results! I love the ease of use and the speed at which I can make a great, impactful interactions."

Celestial H.
Instructional Designer

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